Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alright... it's been a couple months. I've been asked by a few people when I was going to post a new blog, so yeah, I'm doing it now. I could explain my abscense...but... I won't. How about that? Take it! Yeah! -ahem- Anyway, yeah so on to blog entry. >_>

First on the list is something I came across while walking through the drugstore. Now, okay... to be 'fair' I have heard of some pretty odd things that are used as beauty treatments, so I'm not completely surprised to see a box in the beauty section that says "Snail Extract". Not completely surprised...but I still think it's weird. What really gets me about this product is the presentation of it. There's a snail on the box! How is that supposed to entice me to use the product?! I mean... it's a fucking snail! What...are they trying to be like "Yeah, it's made from snail juice. We're serious. Look at this snail." WTF is right. I'm just like, dude, why the snail? Not that I'd want to use it if the snail wasn't there, but still. The hell? The only thing I think when I see that is "Ew...gross!" Yeah, enough said.

So next is a contribution from my friend Rae, who came across this on a recent trip to So Cal. The attempt is pun-ny with a slight innuendo to top it off. Cute. Eat more kitty... hehe....NO. -sigh- Here's the deal. They're being all funny with their sign, trying to get people to eat at their establishment more frequently, but the first thing that comes to mind is the consumption of felines (other than the obvious inuendo they're putting into play). I don't want to eat cats. Infact, I'll remember to never introduce you to my cat. They're just propogating a stereotype. A fucked up stereotype! And aside from that, the secondary offense comes from the fact that they're trying to use that tired-ass inuendo in an attempt to be original. The food might be good, but I can't say I'm down with their advertising. Lame-o.

Last but certainly not least is this extremely bizaare, oh so wrong confection I spied in the store just earlier today. Reindeer Licks! The only pop that licks you back! Um.... it's a giant candy tongue comming out of a plastic reindeer head tube thing. So like... are you supposed to suck on the tongue? The oddly long, bright red tongue of a perplexed/psychotic looking reindeer? o_o Maybe its just me, but there is so much wrong with that. With push-up pop action! And protective plastic cone! it boasts. Whoa... Man.. I can't even, like, process this. I showed this picture to a couple of people and they were speechless. One response was described as 'a gamut of emotions and none of them is good.' Wow... wow. At the same time, I'm insanely amused... but more disturbed. Maybe equally both. All the same... I couldn't leave this out. It was way, way too perfect and the exact inspiration I needed to get me to write a new entry. So yeah... wow. I think I'm gonna pass on sucking on a reindeer's tongue, candy or not.

Well, I don't have anything else to say for now. I'll write something again soon...maybe. No promises. If I promise something, then you might expect me to live up to it, and I might disappoint you. So...uh...yeah. Back to my secret ninja stuff. -out-

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Did you miss me? No? Well foog you! Read, dammit.

So... I said that there wouldn't be so much time between blog posts from now on. Well... I lied. But I admit to it, so you can't chastise me for it. So...HA! IN YOUR FACE! BOOYAH! -ahem- I mean.. uh... yeah, so I started a new job, and went back to school, so things have been kind of busy. Okay, so really in I have virtually no free time and .... anyway, nevermind, I'm posting now, so that's what matters, right? Right.

Okay, so here we go. My first sample tonight is actually an update of a previous post. If you've read this blog before (or have used the Facebook gift application) you're familiar with the "Hillbilly Drive-Thru". I had taken that picture last semester, and hadn't been to that Mc Donald's again since then. Now mind you, this is six months later, so you'd figure that they might've fixed it by now, right? Well, I'd think so at least. And they did...sort of. They upgraded from cardboard to cinderblocks. Okay so... I know that times are hard, and businesses are failing left and right... but...cinderblocks? Now THAT is classy. classy. Really, I have to thank them because it gives me and anyone who reads this something to laugh about. Only in Oroville. And if you live anywhere near Oroville, I suggest you take a gander at the Hillbilly Drive-Thru Deluxe.

Moving on, the next tidbit comes from a page in a catalog my mother recieved in the mail. It was one of those general product catalogs with everything from kitschy home decor (you know, a cookie jar shaped like a rooster, a deer antler hat rack), to sex toys (yeah, sex toys). I was flipping through the pages, slightly amused at some of the content, and the variety there of, when I came across something that about had me doubled-over. It was an exercize 'machine' for your neck... to lessen neck fat and tone neck muscles, concentrating under the chin area. Uh... what? Hm... I ... I don't get it. I mean, okay I get what its meant to do.. and I even saw a video clip online of women putting this thing under their chin and bobbing their heads up and down like a hooker on crack, but still....why? Okay, so you don't want a fat neck... I guess that's understandable? But... what...the....hell? Now, as you see from the screen cap this thing looks more like a sex toy than some sex toys! And it has all these springy things and an instructional video! How can it be that complicated?! Apparently, it is. They claim it works, but I think I'll just stick to not turning myself into a bobble-head for the sake of neck slimness.

And on to my last little bit of WTF sunshine. This product both amused and disturbed me when I first became aware of it's existence. When someone first mentioned it, I didn't believe them. In fact I thought they were joking. But no...they weren't These really exist... and you can get them in either pink or blue, for any size dog, two for the price of one! : D What? No! I refuse to put my pet in this ridiculous blanket with arms thing! The little video they have on the website shows the demonstrators struggling to put dogs in sweaters, talking about the difficulty of said task. Are you tired of shoving your pets legs through four different, hard to reach holes? No.. I'm not..because i don't put clothes on my dog! I know some people do to keep their pets warm.. granted, if you live in a climate where it snows, you might want to give your pet an extra layer. I would, but I guess some people might prefer to. But Snuggies...for dogs?! Stop this madness! I mean, the Snuggies for people were bad enough...looking like the uniform for a new spawing of the Heaven's Gate cult... but now Fido can join you in your quest to the great beyond! GAH! Don't drink the kool-aid, Rover. And run away from the Snuggies. Better yet, take a big dump it and leave it on your owner's pillow. Yeah.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. (Box of chocolate? Sure.) I'm done ranting about all the WTF bullshit, and I'm tired of typing. So.... now its time for.... you got it, secret ninja stuff. I'm out. Peace ya'll.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bringing you a NEW, IMPROVED WTF BLOG... not really. It's the same blog, but should read it anyway. -nodnod-

So... yeah. I'm back. It's been a few since my last post, but that's what happens when real life gets in the way of web antics. Blogs are posted late, emails go unread, and Facebook requests go unaccepted (or unignored). And then the world slowly dies, leaving everything and everyone to suffer a long, horrible, and painful death. Damn that real life. But really, yeah, none of that happens. Anyway, I've bored myself into disinterest so I'm going to start the new entry. And away we go...

First on the chopping block is a lovely little handwoven accesory that is sure to match any outfit and/or linoleum flooring. I walked by this purse and had to turn around and look again. I was thinking... is that.... is that purse made like those rugs...? Yeah... they the ones in our kitchen and bathroom. You know... those braided rugs that you can buy at the dollar store? I think everyone has seen those in the house of some relative over the years. What's next? I know...Chip Clips...for your hair! Or pot holder bikinis. Imagine that 4-H project.... >_> But yeah, I didn't get this design at all. Then again, this was in the dollar store, so go figure. Yeah.

Next on the docket is yet another dollar store find. I couldn't resist this one when I saw it. Not to buy, but rather to take a picture of for the purpose of posting it in this blog. Anyway, Cocoa Drops.... what a clever name... considering they actually do look like rabbit droppings. I mean, so do Cocoa Puffs but.... they made the point of not calling them Cocoa Drops, as they probably realized that it might be a severe marketing error to do so. Personally, I'm not inclined to eat cereal that not only looks like animal droppings, but is named in such a way that it reminds me of what it resembles. And the slogan on the front makes me laugh... "Keep it simple! Pay only for taste!" Just exactly what is that supposed to mean? How are Cocoa Drops are any more simple than Cocoa Puffs? Or maybe they mean, don't question what's in it, just so long as it tastes good. It's made out of pig innards and sawdust, but hell, keep it simple! It tastes like sweet cocoa-y goodness, so who gives a shit what's in it, right? Right. Ugh... dude, no way. I'll just stick to staying away from cereal that looks like rabbit poo.

The last sample for this entry is a submission from a reader. He had sent this picture to my cell phone some time ago, but I'd lost it, as it was saved on my old cell phone and not my current cell phone. Anyway, he sent it to me again, and I decided to include it this time around. As you have probably already figured out, this is the warning label on the side of a hot water heater. What I really love about this label is the stickman engulfed in flames. Like the packing tape warning on the side of the moving van, this label might moreso give someone idea rather than detering them from dangerous situations. I like how they labeled the gas vapors, and showed just how one might ignite those flammable vapors, thus causing someone to be engulfed in flames. And really the DANGER sign is a little understated, and ends up being far outshadowed by the picture below. But yeah, you know, whatever. I can't complain too much, seeing as they gave me good material for my blog.

Alright well, that's it for now. It's about time for me to mosey on out and tend to other matters. You know, secret ninja stuff. What secret ninja stuff? I can't tell you that! I mean.. jeez. It's not called secret ninja stuff for nothing. Sheesh. Aight, I'm out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-quack- I'm a duck. A ninja duck. What? I don't know! Read!

Here we are again for another entry of lovely WTF blog. Are you ready for another titillatingly humorous adventure into the realm of the written word? : D Okay, maybe not. However, I'm still going to post it, whether you like it or not! >:O Heh... and awayyyy we go...

On her last trip up, my best friend Sarah and I made a little trip to the dollar store. I don't remember what I was going there for in the first place, but we came across a few interesting finds. One of those items is the first on today's agenda. Now, I had come across this some time ago, and had to make it part of a post for this blog. A pregnancy test...from the dollar store. Hm... something tells me that if you're trying to figure out whether or not you're with child... that a you just don't skimp on some things. And this test doesn't come up with a (-) Negative or a (+) Positive sign as the result... it shows up a (?) instead. Because they're like "You want to know if you're pregnant? Then spend more than a dollar on a test, jerk!" Lolz... Okay, so maybe not everyone can afford to spend a lot more than that because of their limited budget... I get that. But this is just a little too much. I think even Scrooge McDuck would be up for spending more than a dollar.

Now moving on, the next item is an interesting one. This was provided by an anonymous source from the pizza place he works at. He thought I would be rather amused by this item, and infact I was. Really, at first, I was kind of confused. I was like... its a party hat... with...pepperoni..on it...? o_O For real? After getting over my confusion I was thouroughly amused. Nah... its seems to me that a pizza place, and they went with the business theme. I get that. Makes sense, right? Sure... but its literally like a picture of pizza, stretched over the shape of the party hat. You can see the oil from the meat and cheese glistening on the surface. Nothing says happy party time like wearing a greazy pizza hat on my head! Hmmmmm.... maybe its just me, but for real... WTF? Yeah. When I went to take a picture of this lovely piece of headwear, I used the kitchen because it had better lighting. My brother saw the hat and said "WTF is that?!" Hahaha...classic. And so perfect too. When I showed it to my mother, her response? "Oh lord... I hope that you're putting that in your blog." Of course I am! So there we go.

Last but not least for this entry is an amusing oddity that I came across while flipping through a catalog. It's a digital camera that can be hung from your pet's collar, and it takes pictures at timed intervals (you can set it for 5, 10, or 15 minutes). The advertisement boasts about being able to "Find out what your pets are up to all day!" And gives examples of things that "Fido" might see on his daily adventures. With an easy USB connectivity (cable included with purchase), you can simply hook up the cable to your computer and upload the pictures. Quick and easy! Yeah! ....what? o_o So... I'm supposed to pay you...30 dollars+, for a camera .... to find out what my pets do all day? I know what my pets do all day! They sleep, eat, occasionally knock things over/get into places they don't belong, and maybe, if they're feeling adventurous, sniff around the yard. Seriously, wtf? If your pets are anything like mine, they would make it their mission to remove and destroy this item. And I mean... 30 dolllars is a lot of money to pay just to see what your pets are getting into. Maybe if this was on sale at the dollar store, I'd consider it a worthwhile investment.

Okay, well, thus concludes our latest adventure in the land of WTF. I shall return once more to provide my readers with more raised eyebrows and LOLs. Oh! Now it's time for me to return to my secret ninja stuff. Woot.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

WTF FTW! LOL OMG! Okay.. enough freakin'

So I'm back for another installment. I haven't been updating as regularly as I first did, but I had to locate the material I wanted (e.g. I needed to find my old cell phone that had some good wtf examples on it). Annnnnyway, so yeah, I'm back with more. W00t.

First on the list this week is an interesting version of a rubber duck I came across in a thrift store one day. When I first saw it, I really was like 'What the....?' o_O PMS Duck? But...why? I mean... I really don't know the point or the history behind these 'Celibriducks' as they call them. And I'm not sure if it's meant to parody a particular celebrity... or if its just being 'funny'. I can't really tell? But all I do know is...that's a scary rubber duck. Personally I wouldn't want that floating with me in the bathtub. I can see why it ended up on the shelf of a thirft store. Look at her face! It's all weird and freaky looking... and I would say this is an insult to women, stereotyping negative female behavioral patterns... however... it's too funny to really get that bent out of shape over. It says on the package to 'Bathe Different'. I'm not sure what it means, but I don't want to know, if that scary ass duck woman is involved. >_>

Moving on... our next fine example is of a product called "Zim's Crack Cream."I initially came across this product in a drug store, and my mother was kind enough to take a picture of it when she walked by it during a recent visit to the same store. The name itself says it all.... crack cream. Okay, so its for dry, damaged skin. I get that. But... crack cream? It's kind of funny to me that they didn't think about the hilarity of this when trying to name the product. Is that really the best they could come up with? I guess so. What's funnier to me about this particular picture is that this tube boasts an extra percentage of crack cream, so you get more for your money. More cream for your cracks! Heh.... creamy cracks. Ew.

Last but not least comes one of my favorite WTF of all time...a 'warning' on the side of a moving van. I don't recall who sent me this one, as it was a long time ago, but I believe it was my bff Sarah B. You see, we have a long running habit of sending each other WTF pictures simply for our own amusement, long before I created this blog. (Actually, said practice is kind of what led to the creation of it in the first place). ANYWAY... yeah... the point of the ad is to prevent people from doing hazardous things, as injury might occur. Yet... they do so by showing a huge, blown up picture on the side of a truck that happens to present a hilarious graphic. So, rather than preventing it, they're proving viewers not only with someone hazardous to do, but an illustration of just how they might improperly utilize packing tape. "Packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes." Seriously? Come ON now.. let's be real. You're showing me a funny picture of a dude who wrapped tape around his friend's head, and saying that? All you're going to accomplish with that is to make people go "Hahaha! I should totally do that to someone!" Yeah.
Good stuff.

So, on that note, I shall conclude this installment. Hopefully I'll get the gumption to post another update sooner than I have been, recently... but no promises. Afterall, if I promise, then I'll have to do it...and I don't like feeling obligated. When I'm obligated, I get rebellious. That's right. I'm a rebel. Rawr.

Okay... time for me to go do secret ninja things. Peace.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I hath return! Rejoice! ...No? Ah, foog it. Just read.

It's been a few weeks since I put up and entry, but I had my reasons. First, I was without internet for a week. Then I got wrapped up in recording some new music, so the blog took a backseat. Anyway, I'm back for another lovely adventure into the land of WTF moments. First a couple of updates:

The egg- It's still there. I don't think it's gonna hatch, and if it doesn't I'm not sure I want to see what comes out of it.

The peanuts- It was the blue jays! They're stealing peanuts from somewhere, sitting up in the tree near my garden and dropping peanuts in. There's a baseball park not far away, so I assume that's where they're getting them from. Anyway, peanut mystery solved.

SO... now on to our next installment.

One night I was sitting talking to J. and he's telling me about this commercial he saw for this thing called the 'Comfort Wipe', and how he was totally like O_O! WTF?! when he saw it. Apparently this handy little object allows for one to wipe their bum after 'relieving' themselves. It boasts 'Never touch a dirty toilet tissue again!' Hm... uh... what about the toilet tissue you drop when the 'grip' of this product fails and you drop the 'dirty toilet tissue'? Or what about when you can't figure out how to use the goddamn thing and end up poking yourself in the bumhole when you're trying to use it? Or again, when you drop the tissue cuz you can't hold the frickin' thing right? Now, okay... so this kind of product is generally marketed to senior citizens or those with physical disabilities as an item of convenience that will aid them in areas where they might have trouble. Sure.. I get that, but the commercial had people of all ages in it. So... now we can't even wipe our own asses? Wow. I think we've all gotten a little too lazy.

And... moving on... another interesting tidbit. Well, maybe its not, but it made me blink and tilt my head in confusion. I was kind of bored and started looking up random things on Yahoo Answers. I decided to put in 'unicorns' and I came across this... "How do I make my own unicorn?" I was like Um... what? Seriously? o_o I mean, I figure that it's probably someone fucking around and being funny, but it scared me a little that the dude might be serious. He asks about a prostetic horn to put on a horse or a goat, and how little girls love unicorns, how they make them happy. Hm.... creepy. And then the people answering weren't much better, offering up ideas and alternatives for the guy. It took 5 answers before someone was like WTF dude, you're a freak! What do you want with little girls? But all the same, yeah, I laughed and took a picture.

Last but certainly not least, a submission from my friend Celi. She tells me she has something for the blog, and sends me a picture of something she came across....butt condoms.... in the dollar tree no less. Her reaction was like O_O Whoa! so she text'd me the pictured. Hmm... as I sat there, eyebrow raised, and considered this oddity, I was thoroughly amused. I mean... there's condoms for both males and females to wear... why not condoms for anal intercourse? Sure... butt sex should be safe sex, too. But what got me... what really really got me... as that they're called "Toosh", and show a shot of a chick in a string bikini on the front, her string flossing her cheeks. Wow... wow. That's great stuff. So awesome. I had to include this because its... well... epic. Yes, yes indeed. Man. Someone needs better marketing strategies... >_>

So.. that concludes this entry. What a finale, ey? But yeah, I'll try to update sooner this time. We'll see what I can find... Anyway, I'm gonna go like... do...stuff. Peace. -insert Kiko voice-

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah...late post, but whatever. It's here, right? Read it.

As someone might notice, I'm a couple days late with the update, but well, life happens. I hung out with some friends Monday night, and last night.. I don't remember what distracted me last night. Anyway, it's here now, so, wee. Oh yeah, I moved the guestbook to the top because some people are too lazy to scroll (It's cool. I am too.)

Egg update: It's still there... >>

Okay, so first up this week was an oddity I came across in the grocery store, once again. Beef Feet. ..... yeah, that's what I said. Beef...feet, the feet of beef, e.g. cows e.g. FEET? So, yeah, I get that such things are used to make soup stock or broth stock. Just like the first time I saw chicken feet in a store, all packaged to be sold. I get that people do it, but it still weirds me out. Being of latino descent and growing up in areas with large latino populations, I got used to seeing like, cow brains, cow tongue... but I'd never seen feet, especially not packaged so...well...bluntly. It's like the beer that comes in a can with a brown label and just says BEER on the label. I guess I find it a little gross too because I don't even eat red meat. So yeah... I was definately all like WTF?! o_O There we go.

Next up for discussion is something I found while in the Salvation Army. I was looking for a desk chair, and when the only one I found was badly overpriced (at the thrift store...go figure), I decided to browse the brick-a-brack shelves. So I'm just looking around, and I come across these: Drizzle Boots. They're like, a portable rain boot you can keep in your car, your purse, your trunk, etcetc. Obviously the packaged was kind of aged, and I'm not sure if the 'Drizzle Boots' had already been used. Immediately I was reminded of the little plastic rain ponchos and rain bonnets my grandmother had in her purse. It's start to sprinkle and she's whip out this thing the size of a handi-wipe and have plastic headgear on 10 seconds later. Amazing. Anyway, So yeah, these just made me chuckle. Drizzle Boots...hehheh. What a terrible product name.

Last on the agenda today is a another reader submission, from my pal B. This one especially made me laugh because it's supposed to be something helpful and useful to someone that's trying to understand their religious faith... however, if you notice, it's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayer and Devotion. Heh...Yeahhhh. It's like they already did themselves in, so any critics of this kind of book, well...their peace has already been said. It's like a silent win. I mean, okay... I have no issues with people having their own beliefs and believing in them devoutly. Kudos to you if you found something that works for you. But I'd think that even some Christians would shake their heads at this because well... It's kind of defamatory. But... really, in short, it's f*ckin' hilarious. Seriously... too perfect.

And, thus brings an end to another glorious time. Well, I don't know if it was glorious, but I was amused while writing it. But yeah, if you're so inclined, sign the guestbook. Anyway, I'm gonna go do some stuff now. What stuff? That, I can't tell you because... I'm a ninja, and ninjas have secrets. w3rd.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More WTF, from me to you. Aw <3 Now read, dammit.

So, here I am again with yet more material. But before we get on to the fun, a few notes. First off, you might've noticed a few new things about the blog (or maybe you didn't notice at all, but will now because I'm pointing them out). I've added:

  • A guestbook - Now you can leave comments about the blog and/or things relative to WTF sort of content. Yay for sharing. (Note: If you have a personal message for me, email me or catch me on messenger). Located at the Bottom of the page.
  • A links list- If you have your own blog, website, or whatever and would like to link, drop me a line and let me know.
  • Subscribe/Follow features- If you have a Google Mail or Blogger account, you can follow and/or subscribe to blog posts.
  • Reader Submissions- A few people who read the blog have already sent me photos to use in upcomming blog entries. I've decided to include one reader submission per blog entry (so long as I have one to use). If you have one that you'd like to submit, hit me up by email.
Oh, and an update on the egg: It's still in the front yard, it still hasn't hatched, and it's definitely not rotting. So... is there something in there? Could be. I guess we'll find out soon... >> Now on to the fun.

Okay, so my first example of the day come from a trip the grocery store awhile back. I was browsing the discount/discontinued items shelf and came across something that turned my stomach a little. Snails in a can. Hmm... you know, I know that snails are a kind of a food delacacy and they're definately an acquired taste. However, I highly doubt that when people do choose to eat snails that they come out of aged tin can found on the discount shelf of their local grocery store. Call me silly, but that just sounds...disgusting. I mean, canned versions of products usually are the lowest level quality example of said food that you can find, but in this case, I think that's an understatement. I'd have to say this ranks about par with the fancy varieties of cat food.

Next on the ticket is a book I came across while walking in downtown Chico during my lunch break during a class day. I always tend to look in the windows of the huge used bookstore to see what they might have in stock and on special. When I came across this book, I was half taken aback, and half doubled over in laughter. Happy to be Nappy? o_O... Really? I mean, hey, nothing wrong with being proud of your culture and the distinctively ethnic, biological charatersitics that with it. I'm all about being proud of who you are and where you come from... but... it just seemed a little weird to see a book that was promoting cutural and self-pride using a traditionally derogatory descriptive term in it's title. Maybe I'm looking at it from a 'PC' stance, but really, wow. Seriously? Wow. I mean, I'm down with the fact that I'm mixed raced, and take pride in both halves of my heritage. But I'm not going to go and write a book with a title like 'Happy to be a Wetback Cracker'. Dude, seriously.

And the final feature of the day is the first in a series of Reader Submissions, (Picture provided by Sarah B.) . This little gem comes from a shopping trip that I was on with two of my friends. One of my friends opted to have Panda Express while we were in the food court, and my best friend found it perfectly opportune to snap a photo of our other friend's cup. Now, the message is supposed to imply that the Panda loves Orange Chicken, however, the photo also gives way to another, less wholesome inuendo. To quote my best friend "The Panda loves the cock!" Heh. And given the Panda's expression, he seems 'hungry' for more than a bowl of orange chicken. I'm not sure if the advertising and design departments for Panda Express really counted on people making this associtation, but you know there had to at least be one person that snickered when they saw the picture and thought 'The Panda loves cock!' With his tounge hanging out, his expression is fully conncentrated on the longing thoughts of his 'orange chicken' (which is code for cock- and I don't mean a male chicken).

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's the point? There isn't one. That is it. Yeah, take that.

Okay, so being that I don't have a full time job right now, and I'm out of school.. I decided I needed something to do with my time when I'm not working on music, writing ,or art. I wanted something simple that would both fill my time and amuse me. That...and I have a lot of funny or 'wtf' cell phone pictures that I feel the need to share with the public. Why? Dude, I don't know. I'm going to elect the catch-all answer of : Cuz I feel like it. Some people will likely (and ironically) 'wtf?' in response, others will be amused (like myself), and others just won't give a shit. To all those people, whatever the reaction, you still read my shit, so woo-farkin-hoo. Or...something? Hell, I don't know. Anyway, on to the fun. Yeah.

So... anyone that knows me, knows that I have a lot of random, wtf moments that occur in my life. It's funny to use 'wtf' as a descriptor, but really, it just works sometimes. I've been in the habit of taking pictures of the random things that make me do a doubletake. This brings us here.

So one day on the way to school, we decide to stop off in a drive-thru for something to drink. Mc Donald's was the closest to the highway, so I was like, okay ,this works. I pull into the drive-thru, and I noticed a pile of rubble where the menu used to be (I've been to this location previously, so I knew it had been there at one time). Pull up a little further... and I see this.. The menu speaker, on a pole, with cardboard around it. You can't really make it out in the picture, but the words "ORDER HERE" are written in (with a Bic type pen) blue. Seriously... that was totally Double-Ewe-Tee-Eff. I mean okay... so someone probably got into an accident and rammed the menu board, leaving it in the pile of rubble I saw when I pulled in. But c'mon...they couldn't even use a Sharpie? And maybe at least a decent piece of cardboard? Standards people! Jesus. Heh, really... I was kinda glad to see that because I looked forward to sending it to my best friend, Sarah. We have a habit of trading WTF pictures, as both of us have frequent WTF moments. Anyway, moving on...

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through a grocery store, and took a stroll down the alcohol isle. My mom and I were buying spirits for my brother's graduation party and trying to decide what to get. I was scanning over the lower level vodka options and came across the brand "Sobieski" (which made me think of Leelee Sobieski), and saw this on the label. Now, for those of you that aren't familiar with alcohol quality levels and its relation to the distilling process, the more you distill it, the higher the purification of the alcohol. So yeah... the more distillation, the better the vodka. But this brand has the logo "Distilled Enough!" ... I didn't know how to take that, really. I mean its like they accept that their vodka may not be the best quality, but they're okay with that. It doesn't have to be. It's distilled...enough. It's like.. the common joe vodka. It says, "Hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm enough. I might not be the BEST vodka, but hey, I'm cool with that. And you should be to. So... drink me and have a moderately enjoyable experience. " Dude... not to pull out the blog name again but, WTF? Did they seriously think this was a good marketing ploy? Offering a mediocre product and not even pretending its any good? I have to say, the companies lack of confidence in their product disappoints me, even if it does suck. And why would I want to spend $10.99 on a bottle of crappy liquor that already has told me that it doesn't taste good? Maybe some people might be curious, but I'll tell you what, curiosity sometimes bring heartburn and upset stomachs. (And yeah, I know that from experience, because I tried it once. But in my defense, it didn't have that slogan on it at the time.)

For my third installment of this introductory entry, I'm bringing a things a bit closer to home. The other day, I was doing something in the kitchen, and I hear my mother comming up the walk. Then I hear her talking to my brother, and I hear them say something about an egg. I was like o_O huh? And egg? Outside? So.. curious, I went out to see what they were talking about. My mom asks me if I've seen the egg on the lawn. And I'm like.. "What egg?" -blinkblink- And I look, and not far from the toe of her shoe, is an egg. We've speculated that it's a chicken egg, but... there are no chickens in our area of town. In fact, it's not even legal to own a chicken in this area because of city zoning laws. I'm not sure what else it could be from, but I'm not sure I want to know. But, of course, I snapped a picture and sent it away via text message to a few people. I'm still baffled as to how it got there and how it's gone undamaged. We left it sitting there, purely out of curiosity to see what might happen to it. My mother suggested that it was a giant frog, seeing as we've had a recent infestation of little tiny frogs all over our yard (I'm talking hundreds of them. It's kind of gross. You have to be careful where you step of ~SQUISH!~ Yeah. Ew.) Anyway, I don't know what it is, and I have no idea where it came from, but we'll see what happens. Either it'll rot and we'll have some stank for a few days, or something is going to hatch from it. I'm guessing the former rather than the later, but -shrug- we'll see. Still... wtf? Random eggs in my yard, hundreds of frogs... yeah.

Hm... I guess that's all for now, really. Rest assured, there will be plenty of other entries with lots of other material. Just when I think my life is sedate and dull, something weird happens. I could spend hours telling someone about weird shit that's happend in my life. However, instead, I'm going to share those in blog posts. If someone's reading and especially of they're amused, thanks for stopping by.

I'm gonna go check on the egg.... >_>
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