Thursday, November 24, 2011

HAPPY TURKEY GENOCIDE DAY! Now read this sh*t!

Gobblegobblef*ckin'gobble. Hello my dear readers. So, it's been some time, and I know you've missed me dearly. D'awwwww! <3 Alas, I didn't miss you.... KIDDING! I totally did! (maybe). Anyway, before you curse me any further... on to the blog! : D

So I was looking through Google Image Search (a fun pastime for many, many bored individuals), for a Thanksgiving graphic, and I came across some pretty weird stuff. (And that was with the safety search ON, thankfully.) I decided that I should do a little WTF Salute to Thanksgiving (or known affectionately to me as Turkey Genocide Day. :D)

First up on was this rather odd, yet very festive Turkey costume. It was actually on HOW-TO page for homemade costumes. Hmm.. okay so, I guess I can see that there's occasions where one might dress as a turkey. There's always that kid that has to dress up like the turkey for the holiday play. I guess what's more so disturbing to me is that he's not really dressed AS a turkey...but rather IN a turkey.

If that wasn't odd enough, then I came across a Victorian type, old-timey Thanksgiving graphic of a child's face in the mouth of a turkey.. however this one looked like an ACTUAL turkey..and not just a goofy-ass costume. One thing...WHY?! I mean, the costume, okay, kids play, pagent, parade, etc... but... nevermind. There's no explaining this one. Hmm.....This human-stuffed turkey deal weirded me out just a little. >_>

Following the human-stuffed turkeys was this really weird hat... its a turkey hat, as you can see.. or more of a turkey headress, maybe? Yeah, whatever you want to call it, it's just atrocious. I'm not really sure WHY anyone would ever wear a hat like this while sober, but this lady looks pretty happy to be doing so. I dunno... call me weird, but like...the idea of having a turkey on my head as a fashion statement doesn't sound like the way to go. I've heard of being festive, but this borders on looney tunes. I know I know to each their own..blahblahblah. I still think it looks weird and its FUGLY. :3

So one last thing for this holiday-themed blog entry... an oldie but goodie picture passed from email to email, posted to countless Facebook walls, and forwarded again and again to cell phones everywhere.... the classic WTF Sesame Street Thanksgiving picture. If you haven't seen it before, I'm not sure where you've been (not on this planet maybe?). But for those of you that have, you can laugh, shake your head, roll your eyes, and/or smirk at viewing it once again. Oh Big should have known better than to follow Gordon in the back of Mr. Hooper's store while he was holding a meat cleaver.. And two things about this picture....
1. Bert looks super excited.. he was always all about pigeons...and I'm gathering it was because he likes to EAT them. In that case, he's been eyeing the big yellow guy for some time thinking 'MAN... I so gotta eat that bird!'  and then
2. Why is it that Oscar seems to be the only one that 's a big disturbed by their giant yellow feathered friend is being served up for a holiday meal? He's like Wow...really? That won't stop him from eating it.. but well you know, at least he was like WTF dude..? Anyway, all in all, it's Muppet Cannibalism at it's best. :]

And now I close and provide you with a grand Thanksgiving tribute that exemplifies the true spirit of Thankgiving, as delivered by The Addams family. :) Eat up, mofos!

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