Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So like...yeah...More... Stuff....and Junk. Yeah. >_>

Hello fellow WTF-ers! ...wait... that sounds awkward...should I delete it? Nah. Why? Cuz it's funny. Anyway, so yeah, another edition coming you way. Are you excited?! Do you feel so excited you might pee yourself?! Well you should dammit! Cuz this is funny shit! But please... refrain from peeing on the carpet.. I just had it cleaned. ... What? Hell if I know! Anyway, read dammit. (Oh and note- links are provided to larger versions of the pictures, for your viewing pleasure. :3)

Tap that Sass!
First up is a lovely pair of items that every home needs...or not. Old people bobbleheads... Hmmm. And not only are they old people bobbleheads....but one is displayed on the crapper, and the other is... a... seductive..old ...lady... wuhhhh? Okay, yeah... kinda creepy, but way funny. Tap that Sass? The HELL?! Haha wow.. I have to thank my BFF for sending this my way. I was like 'that's so going in my blog' and she was like 'That's why I sent it to you.' See? That's why we're BFFs..because we have a sick sense of humor and BFF ESP. Totally. But yeah... I don't know who would want to 'Tap that Sass', but I don't want to meet the person that does.  >_>

Next is a great example of the 'quick and easy' ideology that exists in American culture, combined with the ridiculous things people will do in homage to their favorite stars...and both come in the form of temporary tattoos. The first notion was brought on by, yet another, dollar store find. Temporary Jewelry Tattoos... yeah. As if the world doesn't have enough trashy in it... bring on the the stick-on necklaces! Wow. So, I'm kinda banking on the fact that most people would say 'NO' to this, know that there are people out there that are totally walking around with this shit on, thinking it looks good. And that brings me to the other example... Celebrity tattoos. Now these were a freebie on a teeny-bopper magazine, so it's not completely odd...but still weird. So.. yeah.. apparently it's totally cool to pre-teens to have a dozen depictions of Bieber's head pasted onto your body. Really? And not just Bieber...throw in some Gaga, a little Twilight..some Willow Smith... wait what? Will Smith's daughter? Okay.. I'm done.

Next is a dish that kinda threw me for a loop. Now okay.. I know it's not actually referring to prostitutes, but...when something has 'hooker' in the title, that's the first thing most people will think of. Yeah, sure, it was name after someone with the last name 'Hooker', but really....Hooker's Picnic Macaroni Salad? Call me silly, but I'd rather not ingest something that's got 'hooker' in the title, especially if it includes a creamy white substance...

Finally, we have a duo of items that are sure to make your
wine drinking experience fantastically complete. First, make sure you have your wine glass cozy. Yes.. I said wine glass cozy. This is what I like to call 'classy trashy'. And they even have funny little quips to give you a chuckle as your sipping on your top grade wine! Oh... how clever they are. And the name is just great... Woozie Wine Koozies. Whaaat? That's just lulz. 

And then something we all need is a proper apparatus for opening said wine bottles (though if you're using a wine cozy, you might have chosen the screw cap or wine-in-a-box varieties). And what better...than a wine bottle opener that has a little boy as the handle, and the corkscrew being his.... Whoa! The hell, man?! This is like some weird-ass ancient Greece, pedo-bear shit! A friend sent me this one via text and I, literally, said What the...?! Man...brings a whole new meaning to the term corkscrew. Double Lulz...

So there we have it folks...another edition come and gone. Hopefully you got some laughs, and decide that it's worthy of passing on to your friends and loved ones. Even if you didn't get any laughs, I did, so it was totally worth it. Yeah...that's right! I don't NEED you! D:< Pssht...  Just messin'. Well, sorta. Anyway, my friends, I must depart for now. Until next time, wait patiently, on baited breath for my return. ; D

Time for secret ninja stuff. 
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