Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-quack- I'm a duck. A ninja duck. What? I don't know! Read!

Here we are again for another entry of lovely WTF blog. Are you ready for another titillatingly humorous adventure into the realm of the written word? : D Okay, maybe not. However, I'm still going to post it, whether you like it or not! >:O Heh... and awayyyy we go...

On her last trip up, my best friend Sarah and I made a little trip to the dollar store. I don't remember what I was going there for in the first place, but we came across a few interesting finds. One of those items is the first on today's agenda. Now, I had come across this some time ago, and had to make it part of a post for this blog. A pregnancy test...from the dollar store. Hm... something tells me that if you're trying to figure out whether or not you're with child... that a you just don't skimp on some things. And this test doesn't come up with a (-) Negative or a (+) Positive sign as the result... it shows up a (?) instead. Because they're like "You want to know if you're pregnant? Then spend more than a dollar on a test, jerk!" Lolz... Okay, so maybe not everyone can afford to spend a lot more than that because of their limited budget... I get that. But this is just a little too much. I think even Scrooge McDuck would be up for spending more than a dollar.

Now moving on, the next item is an interesting one. This was provided by an anonymous source from the pizza place he works at. He thought I would be rather amused by this item, and infact I was. Really, at first, I was kind of confused. I was like... its a party hat... with...pepperoni..on it...? o_O For real? After getting over my confusion I was thouroughly amused. Nah... its seems to me that a pizza place, and they went with the business theme. I get that. Makes sense, right? Sure... but its literally like a picture of pizza, stretched over the shape of the party hat. You can see the oil from the meat and cheese glistening on the surface. Nothing says happy party time like wearing a greazy pizza hat on my head! Hmmmmm.... maybe its just me, but for real... WTF? Yeah. When I went to take a picture of this lovely piece of headwear, I used the kitchen because it had better lighting. My brother saw the hat and said "WTF is that?!" Hahaha...classic. And so perfect too. When I showed it to my mother, her response? "Oh lord... I hope that you're putting that in your blog." Of course I am! So there we go.

Last but not least for this entry is an amusing oddity that I came across while flipping through a catalog. It's a digital camera that can be hung from your pet's collar, and it takes pictures at timed intervals (you can set it for 5, 10, or 15 minutes). The advertisement boasts about being able to "Find out what your pets are up to all day!" And gives examples of things that "Fido" might see on his daily adventures. With an easy USB connectivity (cable included with purchase), you can simply hook up the cable to your computer and upload the pictures. Quick and easy! Yeah! ....what? o_o So... I'm supposed to pay you...30 dollars+, for a camera .... to find out what my pets do all day? I know what my pets do all day! They sleep, eat, occasionally knock things over/get into places they don't belong, and maybe, if they're feeling adventurous, sniff around the yard. Seriously, wtf? If your pets are anything like mine, they would make it their mission to remove and destroy this item. And I mean... 30 dolllars is a lot of money to pay just to see what your pets are getting into. Maybe if this was on sale at the dollar store, I'd consider it a worthwhile investment.

Okay, well, thus concludes our latest adventure in the land of WTF. I shall return once more to provide my readers with more raised eyebrows and LOLs. Oh! Now it's time for me to return to my secret ninja stuff. Woot.


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