Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alright... it's been a couple months. I've been asked by a few people when I was going to post a new blog, so yeah, I'm doing it now. I could explain my abscense...but... I won't. How about that? Take it! Yeah! -ahem- Anyway, yeah so on to blog entry. >_>

First on the list is something I came across while walking through the drugstore. Now, okay... to be 'fair' I have heard of some pretty odd things that are used as beauty treatments, so I'm not completely surprised to see a box in the beauty section that says "Snail Extract". Not completely surprised...but I still think it's weird. What really gets me about this product is the presentation of it. There's a snail on the box! How is that supposed to entice me to use the product?! I mean... it's a fucking snail! What...are they trying to be like "Yeah, it's made from snail juice. We're serious. Look at this snail." WTF is right. I'm just like, dude, why the snail? Not that I'd want to use it if the snail wasn't there, but still. The hell? The only thing I think when I see that is "Ew...gross!" Yeah, enough said.

So next is a contribution from my friend Rae, who came across this on a recent trip to So Cal. The attempt is pun-ny with a slight innuendo to top it off. Cute. Eat more kitty... hehe....NO. -sigh- Here's the deal. They're being all funny with their sign, trying to get people to eat at their establishment more frequently, but the first thing that comes to mind is the consumption of felines (other than the obvious inuendo they're putting into play). I don't want to eat cats. Infact, I'll remember to never introduce you to my cat. They're just propogating a stereotype. A fucked up stereotype! And aside from that, the secondary offense comes from the fact that they're trying to use that tired-ass inuendo in an attempt to be original. The food might be good, but I can't say I'm down with their advertising. Lame-o.

Last but certainly not least is this extremely bizaare, oh so wrong confection I spied in the store just earlier today. Reindeer Licks! The only pop that licks you back! Um.... it's a giant candy tongue comming out of a plastic reindeer head tube thing. So like... are you supposed to suck on the tongue? The oddly long, bright red tongue of a perplexed/psychotic looking reindeer? o_o Maybe its just me, but there is so much wrong with that. With push-up pop action! And protective plastic cone! it boasts. Whoa... Man.. I can't even, like, process this. I showed this picture to a couple of people and they were speechless. One response was described as 'a gamut of emotions and none of them is good.' Wow... wow. At the same time, I'm insanely amused... but more disturbed. Maybe equally both. All the same... I couldn't leave this out. It was way, way too perfect and the exact inspiration I needed to get me to write a new entry. So yeah... wow. I think I'm gonna pass on sucking on a reindeer's tongue, candy or not.

Well, I don't have anything else to say for now. I'll write something again soon...maybe. No promises. If I promise something, then you might expect me to live up to it, and I might disappoint you. So...uh...yeah. Back to my secret ninja stuff. -out-
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