Sunday, July 19, 2009

WTF FTW! LOL OMG! Okay.. enough freakin'

So I'm back for another installment. I haven't been updating as regularly as I first did, but I had to locate the material I wanted (e.g. I needed to find my old cell phone that had some good wtf examples on it). Annnnnyway, so yeah, I'm back with more. W00t.

First on the list this week is an interesting version of a rubber duck I came across in a thrift store one day. When I first saw it, I really was like 'What the....?' o_O PMS Duck? But...why? I mean... I really don't know the point or the history behind these 'Celibriducks' as they call them. And I'm not sure if it's meant to parody a particular celebrity... or if its just being 'funny'. I can't really tell? But all I do know is...that's a scary rubber duck. Personally I wouldn't want that floating with me in the bathtub. I can see why it ended up on the shelf of a thirft store. Look at her face! It's all weird and freaky looking... and I would say this is an insult to women, stereotyping negative female behavioral patterns... however... it's too funny to really get that bent out of shape over. It says on the package to 'Bathe Different'. I'm not sure what it means, but I don't want to know, if that scary ass duck woman is involved. >_>

Moving on... our next fine example is of a product called "Zim's Crack Cream."I initially came across this product in a drug store, and my mother was kind enough to take a picture of it when she walked by it during a recent visit to the same store. The name itself says it all.... crack cream. Okay, so its for dry, damaged skin. I get that. But... crack cream? It's kind of funny to me that they didn't think about the hilarity of this when trying to name the product. Is that really the best they could come up with? I guess so. What's funnier to me about this particular picture is that this tube boasts an extra percentage of crack cream, so you get more for your money. More cream for your cracks! Heh.... creamy cracks. Ew.

Last but not least comes one of my favorite WTF of all time...a 'warning' on the side of a moving van. I don't recall who sent me this one, as it was a long time ago, but I believe it was my bff Sarah B. You see, we have a long running habit of sending each other WTF pictures simply for our own amusement, long before I created this blog. (Actually, said practice is kind of what led to the creation of it in the first place). ANYWAY... yeah... the point of the ad is to prevent people from doing hazardous things, as injury might occur. Yet... they do so by showing a huge, blown up picture on the side of a truck that happens to present a hilarious graphic. So, rather than preventing it, they're proving viewers not only with someone hazardous to do, but an illustration of just how they might improperly utilize packing tape. "Packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes." Seriously? Come ON now.. let's be real. You're showing me a funny picture of a dude who wrapped tape around his friend's head, and saying that? All you're going to accomplish with that is to make people go "Hahaha! I should totally do that to someone!" Yeah.
Good stuff.

So, on that note, I shall conclude this installment. Hopefully I'll get the gumption to post another update sooner than I have been, recently... but no promises. Afterall, if I promise, then I'll have to do it...and I don't like feeling obligated. When I'm obligated, I get rebellious. That's right. I'm a rebel. Rawr.

Okay... time for me to go do secret ninja things. Peace.


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