Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh...its been so very long...

-Ahem- So...some time ago I said I was going to do more frequent entries...try to update the blog on a more regular basis... obviously, I lied. Well, not so much lied as 1) Sort of ran out of material and 2) pure laziness. Yes, I admit it. Got a problem?! Oh well. I'm too apathetic to start an argument. But yeah, here's your damn entry... Are you happy now?! WELL YOU SHOULD BE...cuz I wrote a new blog! : D

Annnnnnnyway...moving on, it's time to get to the good part. :3

So first up to bat is something most of us have seen before...nipple concealers. Nothing new, perfectly functional, but funny nevertheless. What really brought on the WTF with this item
was the description at the bottom... "Magical Solution Breast Petals". I had to laugh... breast petals? Why not just call them what they are? Nipple covers. Maybe that sounds a little vulgar, but seriously, breast petals? And I like how it says "Easy to put on...Easier to take off."
I can almost hear the suggestive tone of the token cartoony 80's 'glamor girl' on the package.
And the actual model looks strangely reminiscent of a shot of a girl on one of those 'barely legal' porn sites. Scary. So yeah... if you have trouble concealing your nipples, get yourself some breast petals...they're the magical solution. Yeah...

Annnnd next on my list... a toothpick holder/olive plate done in the style of a voodoo doll. Hm... this disturbed me on SO many levels. Now, I've seen an array of products that are similar in nature... like Mr. Ouch, the voodoo doll toothpick holder, and The Ex knife set.
(See how I provided those links there? Tha
t was totally slick.) Anyway, so yeah, both of these products are humorous in nature, and definitely have their own WTF qualifications.
However... just something about a voodoo doll toothpick holder AND olive plate... that was just a little much for me. It's kinda like... you're at a gathering, there's a food spread, and you think 'Hmm I think I'd like an olive." So you go to reach for an olive, and... low and behold... a voodoo doll holder...thing... say whaaaaaat? I dunno. I suppose all of these products are equally odd and humorous, but, the olive tray/toothpick holder combo really set the bar for me. I mean, this thing looks like something that would be sitting around at a dinner party with the Addams family. Lovely. (I really do think it's lovely, and I kind of want one.)

And last, but certainly not least, is another installment in Dollar Store Finds. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a gorilla and a sheep mated? No? Me either. And you know why? No one should...EVER. Yet, it seems that someone did. It's like cross-breeding gone horribly wrong, and the result is this strange, strange toy. I mean, okay...its the dollar store. But in what world (or mind) does a gorilla have the body of a sheep? Apparently in the world of whatever weird-ass designed this toy. For realllls man... wow. I think J. said it best with the line "And here we have the newest resident on the Island of Misfit Toys." Oh yeah...definitely. I think even Santa would leave that poor fucker behind. Man oh man.

So there we have it, another entry of the WTFblog. I hope you were throughly amused, and if you weren't...oh well. I was, and that's pretty much the whole point of me bothering to do this. :D

Aight peoples. Secret ninja stuff time.
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