Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah...late post, but whatever. It's here, right? Read it.

As someone might notice, I'm a couple days late with the update, but well, life happens. I hung out with some friends Monday night, and last night.. I don't remember what distracted me last night. Anyway, it's here now, so, wee. Oh yeah, I moved the guestbook to the top because some people are too lazy to scroll (It's cool. I am too.)

Egg update: It's still there... >>

Okay, so first up this week was an oddity I came across in the grocery store, once again. Beef Feet. ..... yeah, that's what I said. Beef...feet, the feet of beef, e.g. cows e.g. FEET? So, yeah, I get that such things are used to make soup stock or broth stock. Just like the first time I saw chicken feet in a store, all packaged to be sold. I get that people do it, but it still weirds me out. Being of latino descent and growing up in areas with large latino populations, I got used to seeing like, cow brains, cow tongue... but I'd never seen feet, especially not packaged so...well...bluntly. It's like the beer that comes in a can with a brown label and just says BEER on the label. I guess I find it a little gross too because I don't even eat red meat. So yeah... I was definately all like WTF?! o_O There we go.

Next up for discussion is something I found while in the Salvation Army. I was looking for a desk chair, and when the only one I found was badly overpriced (at the thrift store...go figure), I decided to browse the brick-a-brack shelves. So I'm just looking around, and I come across these: Drizzle Boots. They're like, a portable rain boot you can keep in your car, your purse, your trunk, etcetc. Obviously the packaged was kind of aged, and I'm not sure if the 'Drizzle Boots' had already been used. Immediately I was reminded of the little plastic rain ponchos and rain bonnets my grandmother had in her purse. It's start to sprinkle and she's whip out this thing the size of a handi-wipe and have plastic headgear on 10 seconds later. Amazing. Anyway, So yeah, these just made me chuckle. Drizzle Boots...hehheh. What a terrible product name.

Last on the agenda today is a another reader submission, from my pal B. This one especially made me laugh because it's supposed to be something helpful and useful to someone that's trying to understand their religious faith... however, if you notice, it's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayer and Devotion. Heh...Yeahhhh. It's like they already did themselves in, so any critics of this kind of book, well...their peace has already been said. It's like a silent win. I mean, okay... I have no issues with people having their own beliefs and believing in them devoutly. Kudos to you if you found something that works for you. But I'd think that even some Christians would shake their heads at this because well... It's kind of defamatory. But... really, in short, it's f*ckin' hilarious. Seriously... too perfect.

And, thus brings an end to another glorious time. Well, I don't know if it was glorious, but I was amused while writing it. But yeah, if you're so inclined, sign the guestbook. Anyway, I'm gonna go do some stuff now. What stuff? That, I can't tell you because... I'm a ninja, and ninjas have secrets. w3rd.


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