Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honey, I'm hoooooooooooome!

So....I'm back. It's been awhile... like... 7 month long while. You totally missed me, didn't you? It's okay to admit it...I can see the tears of joy welling in your eyes upon seeing that I have returned. What? You missed the blog and not me? Pssht- bleep you mothableeper! Kidding! Well..maybe... anyway, just read the stinkin' blog. -__-

So first up is a lovely little hair product that just screams BUY ME! But did I? No... Why? Because it's called Moco de Gorilla...properly translated.. Gorilla Snot. Okay so I've seen/heard of shampoo made with horse placenta...soap made from donkey's milk... and there are a variety of products that use various animal parts/excretions. But none made me go 'ewww' like this one. Granted, it's not really made from the snot of a the very notion makes me a little queasy. I like...the point of the name is that it promotes that it's so tough and works so well that it's just like gorilla snot? First of all, I don't want to know how they know just how well gorilla snot works as hair gel, and secondly, I'm just not sold. My question still is...WHYYYY? Anyway...Moving on...

This is a great example of what kind of example modern society's usage of technology sets for the youth of today. It's like they were just waiting for me to find this so I could post it here.
Seriously... Babie with webcam in her boobs? Well that's just fantastic. For just under 50 dollars, little girls everywhere can learn how to be a cam whore, and have fun with it too! But well, to be fair they did put a 6+ age suggestion. We don't want them starting in kindergarten, after all. I mean, really... 6 is totally the right age to start camming it up online. I still snicker every time i see this picture solely because the camera is in her boobs and there's a huge arrow pointing at it. This is like one of those joke products from a commercial skit on SNL. Kinda sad, but totally lulz.


And last but not certainly least, the pièce de résistance for this entry... I was walking out of CVS one evening, and caught a glimpse of this bike sitting in the bike rack. The owner was no where to be found, so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of this lovely display of human behavior.

The owner of the bike decided that the water bottle holder on his bike was perfect for a 32 oz bottle of Heineken. Oh, but wait! Why waste space?! There's a baby seat too... BAM..a place for two more bottles of beer. Classic. I laughed a whole lot at this, and sent it to a few people. My favorite response was 'Wow. Daddy AND baby really know how to party." I only hope that the baby wasn't actually with him and made to hold the beer bottles during the ride home. Gotta love American culture!

So, for now, my lovelies, I must depart. But fear not, for I shall return soon. I know, I're thinking 'you said that before!' Well... technically, I did come back...just not for a long time. However, I do intend to post again soon. When? I won't tell you that, me being a ninja and all. Never know when I'll strike! *fierceness* So be patient, and try not to cry too much. And if you don't like my non-committal answer, tough! ;D

For now, I'm out. Time for secret ninja stuff.

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