Friday, June 3, 2011

WTF: San Francisco Edition. And you KNOW THIS, man!

Hello my adoring public...I have decided to once again return and grace you with my presence.What...what did you just say to me? Don't you give me that look! I'll turn this blog right around,mister/miss/whatever! I won't put up with such insolence! I'll...I'll...Ah foog it...just read.

So about a week ago, my BFF and I took a day trip to San Francisco. She was up from L.A. and we wanted to make the most of it. It's only a couple hours away from our hometown, so we took a ride over to The City. As always, The City provided a vast array of picture opportunities, but of course, some provided more of a WTF vibe than others. Being that I came across a number of these, I decided that it was time for WTF blog: San Francisco Edition. We spent most of our time on Haight, and now my story of our adventure begins... (Note: The first word of each paragraph links to a full size version of that picture.)

First up was a random picture I saw when looking in a store window. It's not horribly abnormal or strange, but well... it kind of caught me off guard. You see, normally, I'm quite the fan of pandas, especially the cartoony variety. But this guy...he kinda scared me. He looks all spun out and ravenous. And those teeth... They eat bamboo! They're not supposed to have jagged-ass, scary shark teeth! It's just wrong, man.

Next on the list was a sign I spied at the Ben & Jerry's at the Haight-Ashbury corner. When I first saw it, I chuckled because it kinda of looked like they were saying 'Handicapped and babies GET OUT!' I had to take a picture
because even the very idea that there would be such a sign that might suggest such a thing made me laugh. Of course, it was actually a sign signifying that there was another entrance to the store on the other side that were handicap and stroller accessible. Then again, they put that in itttty bitty print that you had to walk straight up to the sign to even barely read. So, I'm kind of thinking that there was just a small margin of hope that people would think it meant GTFO ROLLIES! If it was, that would be pretty jacked up. But someone might, y'know? Just sayin'.

Third on the ticket was something that made me giggle a little. These colorful little pops are quintessential San Francisco. Bright, shiny, and full of counter-culture reference. It's not the pops themselves that made me WTF.. it was the little informatory statement in parenthesis that made me laugh. "NO, NOT LSD!" What's funny is, you know a bunch of people had to of asked if they were LSD pops in order for them to even bother putting that on there. Yeah... cuz they totally sell hardcore hallucinogens in gifts shops. Then again.. it is San Francisco, and we were on Haight.

And last but certainly not list is Mr. San Francisco himself... old ass hippie man dressed from head to toe in tye-dye.
This was just too fantastic to pass up. We had stopped at a Mc D's for something to drink, and this guy was a fellow patron. That was right along side the spun-out punker that asked me to buy him a hamburger. And then there was the fabulicious, gender ambiguous being that was dressed like the bastard child of the Let's Get Physical (Olivia Newton John) and Bad (Michael Jackson) videos. Man...he was fantabulocity defined. I saw sad I couldn't get his picture. But Old-ass Hippieman will certainly do.

So, it was a good day, and we had some fun. Thanks again BFF for the much needed day out, and the great opportunity for blog material. Oh, and that knobby-kneed drag queen in Union Square... I hope we see her again so we can tell her how lovely she is. Anyway kiddos, I'm f*ckin' out. Totally time for secret ninja stuff.

Wait wait... I had to share one last thing... I took a picture of the Haight-Ashbury sign for kicks, but got this girl's face in the picture. It totally looks all weird and creepy. She looks a lil...special. Anyway, I have to share, cuz I was like WTF is up with HER?
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