Monday, May 13, 2013

Mac & Cheese Addiction is Serious Stuff we are again. And soon, isn't it? Well, I'm making an honest effort here to keep up-to-date. So no snide remarks, okay? (Who am I kidding? It's you guys...) ANYWAY- on to the show. whatever!

Now, we've all had those experiences where we're watching t.v. and there's a commercial that makes us raise an eyebrow. This one in particular made me laugh, not because of the commercial itself...but what it was parodying. Kraft has definitely touched on a bit of dark humor here. They took n 1980's PSA about 'Saying No to Drugs' and turned a joke on it. Here is the commercial in question:

Now if you don't don't remember what it is that they're parodying, let me provide you the reference:

Sooooo... yeah. Interesting marketing technique, Kraft. Take something that was once meant to be a deterrent for young people to NOT do drugs, and turn it into a macaroni and cheese commercial. Personally, I'm not offended at all. In fact, I think it's pretty hilarious... however... it's still a pretty f*cked up marketing ploy. That's some WTF for you right there.

Moving on, my next fine example of WTF-edness a lovely little still that I took some time ago. Living in the area I live in, I'm used to seeing 'western' or 'cowboy' themed decor. (Yes there are these sorts living in California.) This particular sign wasn't really different or unique in it's design or theme. Really, I'd of normally just passed it over with a glance and not thought of it again. HOWEVER... as you can see... what is seemingly intended to be "Don't Rope Me In!" has turned into something very different indeed, thanks for a font faux pas. You know... I'm not sure who oversees quality control for this company... but I would think that something that looks like 'Rape' instead of the intended 'Rope' just might be something that raises a red flag. If not... they're either very careless, or have  bit of a sick sense of humor.

And this brings us to our last example of the day. Some of you might remember this commercial from 2011, but surprisingly  a lot of people I've ever mentioned it to had never actually seen the commercial. It's one of those commercials where 1. You definitely don't forget it if you see it, and 2. Remember nothing about what they were actually advertising because ...well.... I'll just let you see for yourselves:

 Soooo... yeahhhh.... o_o ..Can we say 'flag for inappropriate content'? I think so. But admittedly, it's pretty funny. Though the whole scene is reminiscent of things which most of us would rather not associate with our food. I find it especially funny when the girlfriend gives the O_O face and covers up the eyes of her innocent teddy bear. But... the mustard... all over the face.... ewwwwww.... Get  napkin, man.

Here we are at the end of another glorious journey into the land of Lulz and WTF-edness. I shall return soon to bring you more X D and more o_O ... and all those other emotions best expressed in text-based emoticons.

Until next time, off to do my secret ninja stuff.
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