Monday, June 8, 2009

More WTF, from me to you. Aw <3 Now read, dammit.

So, here I am again with yet more material. But before we get on to the fun, a few notes. First off, you might've noticed a few new things about the blog (or maybe you didn't notice at all, but will now because I'm pointing them out). I've added:

  • A guestbook - Now you can leave comments about the blog and/or things relative to WTF sort of content. Yay for sharing. (Note: If you have a personal message for me, email me or catch me on messenger). Located at the Bottom of the page.
  • A links list- If you have your own blog, website, or whatever and would like to link, drop me a line and let me know.
  • Subscribe/Follow features- If you have a Google Mail or Blogger account, you can follow and/or subscribe to blog posts.
  • Reader Submissions- A few people who read the blog have already sent me photos to use in upcomming blog entries. I've decided to include one reader submission per blog entry (so long as I have one to use). If you have one that you'd like to submit, hit me up by email.
Oh, and an update on the egg: It's still in the front yard, it still hasn't hatched, and it's definitely not rotting. So... is there something in there? Could be. I guess we'll find out soon... >> Now on to the fun.

Okay, so my first example of the day come from a trip the grocery store awhile back. I was browsing the discount/discontinued items shelf and came across something that turned my stomach a little. Snails in a can. Hmm... you know, I know that snails are a kind of a food delacacy and they're definately an acquired taste. However, I highly doubt that when people do choose to eat snails that they come out of aged tin can found on the discount shelf of their local grocery store. Call me silly, but that just sounds...disgusting. I mean, canned versions of products usually are the lowest level quality example of said food that you can find, but in this case, I think that's an understatement. I'd have to say this ranks about par with the fancy varieties of cat food.

Next on the ticket is a book I came across while walking in downtown Chico during my lunch break during a class day. I always tend to look in the windows of the huge used bookstore to see what they might have in stock and on special. When I came across this book, I was half taken aback, and half doubled over in laughter. Happy to be Nappy? o_O... Really? I mean, hey, nothing wrong with being proud of your culture and the distinctively ethnic, biological charatersitics that with it. I'm all about being proud of who you are and where you come from... but... it just seemed a little weird to see a book that was promoting cutural and self-pride using a traditionally derogatory descriptive term in it's title. Maybe I'm looking at it from a 'PC' stance, but really, wow. Seriously? Wow. I mean, I'm down with the fact that I'm mixed raced, and take pride in both halves of my heritage. But I'm not going to go and write a book with a title like 'Happy to be a Wetback Cracker'. Dude, seriously.

And the final feature of the day is the first in a series of Reader Submissions, (Picture provided by Sarah B.) . This little gem comes from a shopping trip that I was on with two of my friends. One of my friends opted to have Panda Express while we were in the food court, and my best friend found it perfectly opportune to snap a photo of our other friend's cup. Now, the message is supposed to imply that the Panda loves Orange Chicken, however, the photo also gives way to another, less wholesome inuendo. To quote my best friend "The Panda loves the cock!" Heh. And given the Panda's expression, he seems 'hungry' for more than a bowl of orange chicken. I'm not sure if the advertising and design departments for Panda Express really counted on people making this associtation, but you know there had to at least be one person that snickered when they saw the picture and thought 'The Panda loves cock!' With his tounge hanging out, his expression is fully conncentrated on the longing thoughts of his 'orange chicken' (which is code for cock- and I don't mean a male chicken).


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